13072810b7月28日俺ブログ係きゃぷてんの誕生日の練習会ですが、こべかく本体5名と出稽古4名の計9名の参加と見学が1名でした たくさんのご参加ありがとうございますと言いたいところですが、前回に比べると半減と少ないかなぁ 新人さんは1名、ブラジリアン柔術とボクシングをされていた外国人の方が来られました。またこべかくに遊びに来てください。(もちろんすでにメンバーの方も

次回の練習会は、8月4日日曜日19:00(午後7時)から、神戸市立王子スポーツセンター体育館2階柔道場にて開催です その際参加できるという方は事前にブログのコメント欄かメールなどで、できるだけ参加表明をしてくれると事務局としてはウレシイです。

追伸1:8月4日は王子スポーツセンター体育館に隣接するプールが、50メートルプールに限り19時まで延長営業しています。練習前にひと泳ぎいかがですか~ 入場料は大人350円です。
Practice meeting to July 28th which was my(Captain's) birthday, 9 people participated (5 KFN members and 4 guest) and 1 person was as a visitors. The number of participants we have halved compared to last time. New members was a foreigner with experience in boxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. We are also welcome foreign people in this circle. So please come to practice at any time. (Please join even members of the current course.)

The next meeting is at 7:00 pm Sunday, August 4th, and will be held at Kobe City Oji Sports Center Judo Hall. Who plan to attend the next exercise, please RSVP to the comment field of this blog or e-mail to executive office of KFN, if possible.
The rush to the summer vacation period, hot day is followed, but because there is "Exchange Match and Sparring Meeting" of the 1st September, let's excited to participate and work hard towards it.
For heat stroke prevention, take a moderate break, do not forget the water supply of course.

13072891PS1:Oji Sports Center Pool adjacent to the gymnasium, only 50 meters pool have extended open until 19:00 in August 4. How about dip to practice before! Admission is 350 yen adult.
PS2:Second daughter was born to me(Captain) to leave the 22nd July. We apologize for the inconvenience for a while in practice meetings, but thanking you in advance.